P2P – Power2Performance

Power2Perfromance is a athlete Strength and Conditioning program that is run at Optimum, P2P is designed to improve athletic performance and reduce chances of injury in athletes.

We assess each candidate and complete a filmed biomechanical assessment, then factor in the bio motor abilities of the sport they participle in and with that information, design a program.

We have a variety of ages from 16-50yrs on P2P and it covers the basics of movement awareness and stability and continues to strength, speed and lastly power

We have between 40-120 athletes on the program at any one time who all pursue a variety of sports from surfing, cricket, rugby, swimming, rowing, running, squash and motor cross

P2P is safe, educational and helps athletes to understand how their body functions and how to maximize there potential

For more information on the Power2Performance program

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