High Schools Program

High schools Training Program

This will be a very unique program developed especially for High School athletes.
This program has been set up and run by Sean and his team at various schools.
We are excited to begin running this full time program from Optimum Lifestyle.

Last year the Optimum trainers assessed over 350 High School kids, educated and put through this program as part of a project to improve movement and help reduce injuries in young athletes playing school sport.

This program is for girls and boys, sport playing and non sport playing.

Kids that would like to learn correct movement patterns and joint loading are also welcome.

The program consists of:

 Filmed Bio-mechanical assessments

 General preparation program  – This is a general introduction program which uses isometric body weight holds to teach correct body alignment, joint loading and creates muscular endurance which is the base of all performance.

 Triphasic training program  – Each movement has 3 phases to it, we focus on each 3 of these phases to cover all actions in a movement to prevent injury and increase performance and the learn ability to learn sport skills better.

 Reassessment  – A comparison assessment to evaluate how each athlete has responded to the work carried out so far and where we need to focus on going forward.

Objectives of the program:

  Injury prevention

  Correct movement patterns

  Correct joint loading

  Improved sport performance

Program focuses:

  Correct running mechanics – Lower body and hip focus

  Correct throwing mechanics – Upper body and shoulder focus

Optimum Lifestyle

Optimum Lifestyle trainers work with Highs School kids on a daily basis.

From the data we have collected working with these kids we have developed a coaching program which is safe, effective and measurable.

We equip our young athletes to become stronger, move correctly and help reduce the chances of over load/over use injuries we have come to see on a daily basis.

This is a proactive innovation we like to call Prehab as a pose to a reactive process which you under go after injury has happened called rehabilitation.

Apart from injury prevention, we help to prepare each individual for the physical demands of their chosen sport.

We regularly have seek help from our team of Physiotherapists, Chiropractors and specialists and advise parents on any series findings.

This is an exciting and new project for kids and we look forward to helping them to brighter futures and sporting success.

The P2P Program Details:

Program will run from Optimum Lifestyle

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday Friday @ 3:15pm-4:15pm

Each time slot is limited to 10 people with 2 coaches present.

Your investment will be R1500.00 incl VAT upfront for 10 sessions

This program is a full year but you choose how many sessions you wish to attend.

For more information please contact


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