Group Training

Optimum Lifestyle group classes allow individuals to get similar benefits of the methodology of movement training we offer our one on one clients in a group environment. Groups are capped at 10 people per class.  This ensures that each individual receives the necessary attention from the coaches.

For optimum benefits we recommend that individuals make use of our free pre-movement assessment done by our coaches. This will give you an individualized stretching/mobilization, movement and lifestyle program to compliment your training.  The group training classes can be tailored to any individuals needs no matter your age, fitness level or any other limitations.

Full Body Workouts:

At Optimum Lifestyle our group classes consist of full body workouts.  We use anywhere between 3 to 7 movements which include bend, push, pull, squat, twist, lunge and run.  This ensures a balanced full body workout.

Training Recommendations:

We recommend 3 to 4 classes per week, the group class program consists of the three focuses which are speed and power, muscle endurance, maximal efforts.

Group Training payments:

Payments for the group training sessions must be done monthly in advance. Our training setup offers you R1573.00 a month for 3 sessions a week, in a month.

If you wish to do more than 3 sessions a week, we offer packages for that too.