The Optimum Method

The Optimum Method of training has set the standard for athletes and non athletes, it is made up of two programs “Lifestyle Program” and “Power2Performance (P2P)“.

The Lifestyle Program is designed for everyday people looking to train smartly, prevent injury and get good balance between the bio motor abilities demands of life, we cover elements of strength, posture correction, conditioning, sling training.

Power to performance (P2P) is a more advanced program that focus on performance.

What you can expect from The Optimum Method is to achieve is good results as well as education on how your body functions.

The Optimum Method is run on cutting edge training techniques and more than 10 years working in the sports performance and corrective exercise.

The program is especially suited to athletes of all ages including school athletes looking to build a solid base for the future.

We have been 40 – 100 young athletes on this program at any one time.

The Optimum Method extends past our training methods and includes a well round approach from all the practitioners be it Physiotherapy or Chiriopractic.